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Borehole Filtration

We design and assemble groundwater filtration units according to your specific needs. The design and components are carefully selected, by our professional engineering team, according to the water test analysis, the daily usage and the intended use of the filtered water. 

How to get the best borehole filtration system?

All our water treatment plants are designed to your unique specifications. Groundwater treatment is complex and no single water treatment system is the same. We specialize in understanding your application and filtration requirements. To quote on a groundwater filtration system we need:

  • Your water demand 

  • A water test analyzing the chemical composition of the source 

  • Your intended use for the filtered water

  • Professional advice 

  • In-depth water analysis  

  • Engineered to fit

  • Compact design

  • Automated and smart 


The cost ranges significantly depending on the size and complexity of the system. You should budget from R50 000 for a residential system.


Integrate with your municipal source using our Water-to-Home controller.

Borehole Filtration Step 1


Drill a Borehole

If you have groundwater on your property drill a borehole or wellpoint to access the underground water.

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