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Consultation Services

Engineering Consultation

Our experienced team specialises in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering and offer a range of innovative and practical solutions. The directors and owners of Greenchain aim to play a leading role in the South African sustainable market and offer their expertise to complete projects that comply with local regulations.

The fluid mechanics and chemical treatment of water filtration is more complicated than one might anticipate. Find out why we are becoming the preferred choice for water filtration and let us help you manage your expectations.


Green building council of south africa
engineering council of south africa

What we can offer you

Project management
Our professional team and conduct is geared to manage water treatment projects with the necessary high level understanding of systems and the required knowledge to analyse detail.
Design review
Water treatment can comprise of several solutions. We can review your design on hand and provide a professional second opinion.
Network access
Our extensive network of suppliers and competitors enables us to put you into contact with the best people, managing the outcome.
Price review
We have been in the game long enough to know when something is too good to be true or when it is too expensive.
Our engineering team can program the needed automation into a system while focusing on and understanding the bigger picture.
Existing system assessment 
Sometimes a system is outdated or decommissioned because no one knows how it works anymore. We can figure it out for you and restart your investment.

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