Using modern day electronics, our uniquely engineered Water-to-Home system, automates and safeguards your alternative water integration into your building or home.



Water-to-Home comes with the needed components to meet National Regulations for compliant alternative water connections. This means that you can seamlessly connect your municipal and alternative water, knowing that your installation is aboveboard. The components included are:

  • Reduced Pressure Zone Valve (RPZ valve for short)

  • Analogue water meter

Safety first

Water-to-Home is designed to monitor your system's UV light. The UV light is responsible for sterilizing your water, dissociating viruses and bacteria, for safe use. It is a crucial component for safe water distribution. 

The system automatically selects your municipal water source if the UV globe fails or exceeds the design life of 9000 hours - ensuring zero contamination. 


Water-to-Home ensures that you will not inconveniently run out of water. Filtration systems are powered by electricity and as such interruptions in supply is sometimes experienced. Our system will automatically return to municipal water if:

  • There is a power failure

  • Your tank level is depleted

  • It is manually selected by the user

Holiday mode

Water-to-Home has a built in circulation system, to prevent your stored water from stagnating. The circulation can be customized to your system and even returns to municipal water while circulation is active, to prevent pressure loss inside the building. 

This means that you can go on holiday and return to well preserved water, for immediate use.


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