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What we do

At Greenchain Group we believe in the importance of sustainable water solutions and quality customer service.

We provide water treatment systems and services for commercial, industrial and bulk water supply projects. Our treatment and purification systems are suitable for a wide variety of water sources, from surface and groundwater to seawater and effluent.

Every system is custom designed by our engineers and hand built in the Cape Town area. We design, manufacture, deliver, install and maintain water filtration systems nationwide and in Africa. Feel free to contact us directly for both national and international queries.


Journey to a new
water filtration system

Step 1: Water Analysis
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  • Outsourced accredited water testing to help us design the best suited water treatment plant.

  • In-house testing to determine optimal operating conditions.

Our Main Target Sectors
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  • Alternative water for factories, production, reticulation and more.

  • Water balancing analysis for optimal design.

  • Cost saving models for realistic payback periods.

Industrial Water Treatment