• A booster pump with pressure tank and digital controller.

  • 2-stage media filtration cylinders with limestone and DMI-65 media.

  • Analogue water meter.

  • Chlorine dosing pump – comes standard with analogue control.

  • 2x Big Blue filters (sediment and carbon cartridges).

  • Stainless steel UV light.

  • Our Water-to-Home control system is optional.

  • Galvanized steel frame with top cover (black).

Optional Extras:
Pump upgrade

A pump upgrade provides you with a quieter and stronger pump. If you are in a quiet neighborhood or need some more flow, a pump upgrade is probably for you.

Dual pump 

A dual pump system uses two pumps instead of one. One pump flows through the filtration and the other pumps the clean water. This has some major advantages as it maximizes filtration efficiency and ensures constant pressure and flow throughout the point of use.

This product is suitable for groundwater filtration containing elevated levels of iron and manganese. This filtration system features basic pH correction using limestone and iron removal media using chlorination. This system is suited for a wider range of pH levels and reasonably high levels of iron and manganese.


R26 500

Excluding VAT

Ready in 5-10 working days 

Available in: 

Small - up to 500L per day

Medium - up to 2000L per day

Large - up to 3000L per day

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Optional extras:

Iron & Manganese 2

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