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Greenchain Group provides complete quality maintenance service as part of our turn-key solutions. The scheduled service of the water filters ensures that the water quality will stay the same and the product we install is reliable on a long-term basis. The maintenance service includes regular water filter replacement and UV filter replacement to ensure the safe reduction of contaminants.


Trained staff will complete the work using quality products. Our small but experienced team has earned a good reputation through professionalism, client-focused approach and quality work.  

How it works

The water filters need to be changed regularly in order to ensure that the filter material is still providing sufficient water treatment. The replacement cycle is different for each unit, we will make sure to schedule a maintenance visit at regular intervals.


UV globes, like other light bulbs, lose their brightness over time. Generally, UV lamps are designed to work effectively for 9000 hours. This means a replacement is needed in approximately every 12 months. Changing the UV bulb on time is very important, otherwise, the microorganisms may not be treated effectively. We make sure your replacement bulb is installed when it is due for a replacement.