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and Repairs

Service and Maintenance

We provide quality maintenance and repairs as part of our turn-key solutions. The scheduled service of a water treatment plant ensures that the water quality will stay the same and the product we install is reliable on a long-term basis. 

Trained staff will complete the work using quality products. Our experienced team has earned a good reputation through professionalism, client-focused approach and quality work. Why not let us add you to our unique maintenance database for proper upkeep of your system.


A water treatment system can only remain safe and effective if it is properly maintained. Each system is unique and some typical maintenance includes;

  • Cleaning of membranes

  • Chemical top-up

  • Filter cartridge replacements 

  • Annual UV globe replacements 

  • Preemptive repairs and more

Gain control 

We have created our own platform for capturing and automating water treatment maintenance. This platform allows us to create your unique profile, log your maintenance requirements and history, and automate reminders and shipping - no more when or how! 

Our water filtration systems come standard with a profile. If you do not have one of our systems then we can asses what you have and create your profile on our platform. If you are located in the Cape Town area you can even book our team to perform the service! Streamline your filtration by signing up today.


Many water treatment systems are outdated and no longer work as intended. It can be frustrating finding a company that is willing to take on the challenge of repairing or even upgrading an existing system that is outdated or simply does not work. Our engineering team can asses and understand the system you are struggling with and make the necessary recommendations to get you back on track. 

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