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Package Plants are constructed for larger systems and are enclosed in containers for ease of assembly, transport, maintenance, installation and modularity. Package Plants have many advantages and can be built as expandable modules to meet virtually any water demand and quality.  

What are water filtration containers

Package Plants range in application from pumps stations to desalination. Our engineers are dedicated to understanding your needs and designing the best fit for your budget. We specialize in compact solutions aimed at low operating costs. A Package Plant is a complete solution that can be shipped anywhere for the specified water quality. To get going with your Packaged Solution we need:

  • A comprehensive description of the intended use and environmental conditions for installation

  • Location of operation

  • Detailed water test 

  • Volume required per day

  • Service Level Agreement requirements 

  • Control and automation requirements

  • Engineered solution

  • Complete project management

  • Timely production

  • Application specific

  • Compact design

  • No hidden costs


The cost ranges depending on the size and complexity of the system. You should budget from R250 000 for a small container plant.