Post RO Filtration

Post filtration for reverse osmosis. This post filtration is crucial for the successful operation of a RO plant. The post-filtration adds minerals back into the water, sterilizes the water (holding tank can get infected) and boosts the pressure using a booster pump.


R12 500

Excluding VAT

Ready in 5-10 working days 

Available in: 

Small - up to 500L per day

Medium - up to 1500L per day

Large - up to 3000L per day


  • A booster pump with pressure tank and digital controller.

  • Limestone cylindrical filter.

  • Analogue water meter

  • Stainless UV light.

  • Our Water-to-Home control system is optional.

Optional Extras:
Pump upgrade

A pump upgrade provides you with a quieter and stronger pump. If you are in a quiet neighborhood or need some more flow, a pump upgrade is probably for you.

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