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Portfolio of Selected Projects

Enclosed borehole to home unit

Bore-to-Home Unit

Wellpoint filtration system for the irrigation and house, built to blend into the backyard

Commercial borehole treatment unit

Commerical Borehole Treatment Unit

Integrated borehole system for a residence in Muizenberg, fully automated and potable

Compact reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Refurbished RO system, built into an existing enclosure to remove excessive hardness

Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Treatment Plant 

Bantry Hills: Used for irrigation. New upmarket development.

Commercial borehole system

Commercial Borehole Treatment Plant

Bonne Esperance Stellenbosch: Potable water filtration for the guesthouse.

Commercial borehole treatment plant

Commercial Borehole Treatment Plant

The Baby Food Company: Designed and installed for food production.

Odour Removal Plant KZN

Commercial Borehole Treatment Plant

Luxury farm near Nottingham Road in Kwa-Zulu Natal for odour removal and potable use.

Residential borehole filtration


Producing potable water from borehole water.

Compact borehole filtration

Borehole Filtration System

Compact borehole filtration for irrigation use

RO and Ultrafiltration package plant

RO and Ultrafiltration Package Plant

Complex borehole treatment plant for an orphanage, producing potable water

Pro rain to home unit

Rain-to-Home Unit

Residential rainwater filtration unit, fully integrated with municipal water and automated

Reverse Osmosis and ultrafiltration package plant

RO and Ultrafiltration Package Plant

Complex borehole treatment plant for an orphanage, producing potable water

Stryker medical RO Plant

Reverse Osmosis

Stryker Medical Facility: Revamped RO system for laboratory use.

Rainwater filtration

Custom Rainwater and Dam Water Unit

Potable rainwater system for a holiday home with backup dam water

Mozambique Borehole Plant

Commercial Borehole Treatment Plant

Perlo Do Mar: Potable use at a luxury lodge in Mozambique.

Borehole filtration system

Borehole-to-Home System

Automated filtration system for irrigation and potable use inside their home​.

Pro rainwater unit

Pro Residential
Rain-to-Home Unit

Rain-to-Home unit displayed at local retailer Aquamart.

1000lph ultrafiltration unit

Ultrafiltration Unit

Highly specialized UF system for silica removal from methanol infused water

Commercial borehole system

Commercial Borehole System

Borehole filtration system for a farm in Stellenbosch, producing potable water

Residential borehole filtration


Borehole-to-Home unit displayed removing high iron content and prevents plumbing corrosion 

Deionizing plant

Demineralization Package Plant

Deionizing plant producing distilled water for pharmaceutical use

Residential RO Package Plant

Residential RO Treatment Plant

Shipped to East London for potable use on a farmstead.

Commercial RO Plant Sandown Square

Commercial RO Treatment Plant

Sandown Square for the Milnerton Estate in Blouberg: Used for irrigation. 

Rainwater System


Producing potable water from rainwater for use inside buildings.

Borehole filtration

Small Residential

Borehole-to-Home unit treating bacteria, iron and corrosion properties

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