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Ranwater Filtration

We provide industry-leading rainwater filtration systems designed for residential, commercial and industrial use. We design our systems to meet the SANS241 Drinking Water Standards whilst protecting your building's plumbing network. All systems are also designed to comply with both

the City of Cape Town and South African national regulations for municipal integration. 

How to get the best rainwater filtration system?

  • Potable water standards

  • Top-quality components 

  • Engineered to fit

  • Compact design

  • Automated and smart 


The cost ranges depending on the size and complexity of the rainwater system. You should budget from R25 000 for a standard residential system.


Integrate with your municipal source using our Water-to-Home controller.

This is how the rainwater system works:

Rain to Home Step 1


Rainwater Collection

Rainwater that is harvested from your roof gets filtered to remove large particles and leaves before being gravity fed into your collection tanks. You can harvest as much rainwater as your roof space will allow.

All our water treatment plants are designed to your unique specifications. A good rainwater system looks at:

  • Your water demand 

  • Your catchment area

  • Your pumping requirements

  • Your intended use for the filtered water (i.e. drinking water, irrigation, household use, etc.)

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