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Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Systems

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What we do

At Greenchain Group we believe in the importance of sustainable water filtration solutions and quality customer service.

We provide water treatment systems and related services for commercial, industrial and bulk water supply projects. Our water treatment and purification systems are suitable for a wide variety of water sources, from surface and groundwater to seawater and effluent.

Every water treatment system is custom designed by our engineers and hand built in the Cape Town area in South Africa. We design, manufacture, deliver, install and maintain water filtration systems nationwide and in Africa. Feel free to contact us directly for both national and international queries.


At Greenchain Group we strive to deliver efficient, affordable and professional service. Our team of technicians and engineers will ensure you understand your water filtration system from beginning to end.


Our range of water treatment units includes purification and filtration solutions for many different water sources from rainwater to groundwaterdam water or even sea water


See some of our selected projects. We have saved millions of liters of water and would love for you to join our journey!

Steps to buy

We guide you every step of the way
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Step 1: Water Analysis
  • Outsourced accredited water testing to help us design the best suited water treatment plant.

  • In-house testing to determine optimal operating conditions.

Our Main Target Sectors

Medical Sector Logo.png
  • Strict quality control.

  • Ultra-pure water production.

  • Minimizing disruptions and unnecessary downtime.

Medical Sector Logo.png
Irrigation Sector Logo.png
Irrigation Sector Logo.png
  • Control automation.

  • Purpose built microcontrollers for water treatment.

  • Electrical distribution design and operation.

Agriculture logo.png
Agriculture logo.png
  • Quality control to meet or improve crop yields.

  • Sterilization for skinless food types.

  • Targeted compound removal for fouling control.

Industrial Sector Logo.png
Industrial Sector Logo.png
  • Alternative water for factories, production, reticulation and more.

  • Water balancing analysis for optimal design.

  • Cost saving models for realistic payback periods.

Remote &
Remote Sector Logo.png
  • Containerized solutions for remote applications.

  • Mobile plants for relocating sites.

  • Multiple source control for any location.

Remote Sector Logo.png
Estates &
Estates Sector Logo.png
Estates Sector Logo.png
  • Alternative potable water supply for residents and gardens.

  • Automated and compliant integration with municipal water source.

Food & Beverage
Agriculture logo.png
Food and beverage logo.jpg
  • Quality control for production consistency.

  • Strict compliance control.

  • Efficient design for waste reduction and energy efficiency.

Industrial Sector Logo.png
Municipal Sector Logo.png
  • SANS 241 water supply systems.

  • Bulk design for compact filtration and reservoirs.

  • Strategic partners for project managed outcomes.

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