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Desalination refers to treating water with a very high salt content such as seawater (from 35 000 to 60 000 TDS). Reverse Osmosis (RO) is used and is a system in which a membrane is used to filter out light weight molecules such as salt and hardness (have a look at the video). This is the designed function of an RO system and any other molecules will foul the membrane. It is of utmost importance to have the adequate prefiltration to ensure the RO system operates as intended.


We specialize in designing Brackish Water systems from prefiltration through to remineralization, ensuring that your investment operates as expected. Let us provide you with the plug-and-play system you have been looking for.

How desalination works

Read more about desalination

Desalination is complex and the components needed should be carefully selected to operate in a high saline environment. In order to correctly design your system we need:

  • A comprehensive water test of the water to be treated

  • The volume of clean water (permeate) required. Typically desalination systems are rated in Kilo Liters Daily (KLD)

Desalination rejects up to 99.7% of all ions in the water, resulting in a virtually pure water. This is perfect for removing salts and hardness from the water. 

Desalination operates at 35 to 55 bar and can reject concentrations up to 60 000 TDS. The design is paramount and our systems ensure that you operate your plant as manufacturer's intended, maintain crossflow and limiting fouling. 

  • Engineered to fit

  • Piston pump

  • High salt rejection

  • Corrosion resistant 

  • Fully automated

  • 4KLD Unit        

  • 8KLD Unit        

  • 16KLD Unit      

We can design the size you need. 


Integrate with your municipal source using our Water-to-Home controller.

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