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Municipal For Your Town

Hexagon shapes that imitate water molecules

Globally and in South Africa, water resources and infrastructure face increasing strain. Greenchain Group is strategically positioned to support the ongoing development, maintenance, and expansion of municipal water treatment systems. This extends to smaller councils, towns, villages, and settlements, or the enhancement of existing municipal water works, whether for potable water supply or wastewater treatment.

At Greenchain Group, we design and manufacture innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions that will optimize utility control for the supply, usage, and distribution of municipal water and wastewater. Our solutions are suited to the purification of a variety of water sources, including surface water, borehole water, seawater, and sewage water. With our advanced technologies and a data driven water management approach, councils can markedly improve their water budgets, reduce costs, minimize maintenance, and achieve the highest level of operational stability. 


What we do for your town

We provide a diverse range of water treatment solutions and technologies tailored for municipal applications. Employing a holistic approach, we conduct thorough assessments of water streams, usage volumes, wastewater production, compliance standards, and optimization potential. Our detailed scientific characterization of water sources ensures the proposal, engineering, installation, and maintenance of the most suitable technology for your town's specific needs.

Greenchain Group's treatment solutions include
technology such as:





Reverse Osmosis




Membrane Bioreactors

Multi-barrier compliant systems that safeguard against water quality fluctuations, contaminants, & unwanted components.

Project management: Dedicated project management teams tracking & updating deadlines.

Advanced industrial automation solutions. 

Strategic partnerships: Trusted specialists to tackle all project aspects.

Skid-based systems or containerized solutions for any site location.

High quality treated water:

Cost Savings:

Reticulation, reuse, or the incorporation of alternative water streams can bring significant cost savings by reducing municipal consumption.  

Incorporate alternative water sources: Safeguard water availability by treating surface water, groundwater, seawater or effluent. 

Competitive pricing

ensuring value for money.

Financing options


Comprehensive maintenance & SLA options.

Ready to optimize your water treatment processes?

Contact our expert team today for customized solutions that ensure clean and sustainable water for your industrial operations. Book a meeting with a highly qualified engineer to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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