Ultrafiltration (UF) is a system in which a hollow fibre membrane is used to filter out micro molecules such as colloids, bacteria, viruses, suspended solids etc. The purpose of a UF system is to remove colour from river or dam water or to polish the feed water for a reverse osmosis system. The advantage of UF is that it operates at low pressures, has high recovery rates and can be backwashed to remove fouling.


We specialize at integrating UF systems for the required application, along with the needed chemical and aerated backwashes for optimal performance. Let us provide you with the plug-and-play system you have been looking for. Follow the steps below to get started or contact us directly if you have specific needs or questions. 

Example of a simulated design

Step-by-step procedure

Knowing the water quality is essential for the correct operation of an ultrafiltration plant. It allows us to design the needed chemical cleaning, program the backwash frequencies, determine the required maintenance and calculate potential payback periods. If your water source quality is unknown we recommend conducting a water test.


Request a water test

If you do not have a water test 

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Step 2 - Design and quote

Once we have your water quality details we will design the needed filtration system and provide you with the associated quote. If we need any additional information for your quote we will contact you. 

Step 3 - Ship and install 

Upon acceptance we will assemble your unit. Your completed unit will be shipped to your desired location for installation.

Step 1 - Water test

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