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Ultrafiltration (UF) is a system in which a hollow fiber membrane is used to filter out micro molecules such as colloids, bacteria, viruses, suspended solids etc. and filters the water down to 0.01 micron. 


We specialize at integrating UF systems for the required application, along with the needed chemical and aerated backwashes for optimal performance. Let us provide you with the plug-and-play system you have been looking for.

How ultrafiltration works

Ultrafiltration Example Diagram

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Ultrafiltration is perfect for drinking water, wastewater treatment, RO pretreatment and much more. In order to correctly design your system we need:

  • A comprehensive water test of the water to be treated

  • The volume of clean water (permeate) required. Typically UF systems are rated in Liters Per Hour (LPH)

UF is a rapidly growing technology with a wide range of applications. The design is important and our unique control system allows for seamless permeate backwash, CEB (chemical enhanced backwash) integration, air scour and time adjustments. 

The advantage of UF systems are numerous with the key features being:

  • Operates at low pressure (0.2 to 2 bar)

  • Provides consistent water quality (mechanical filter)

  • Can be chemically cleaned

  • Compact in size (modular designs)

  • Engineered to fit

  • Inside-out filtration

  • Air scour

  • Chemically resistant 

  • Fully automated

  • Compact design

  • 250 - 10,000 liter per hour    

We can design the size you need. 


Integrate with your municipal source using our Water-to-Home controller.

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