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Deionization (DI) Solutions



Greenchain Group's offers a range of Deionization (DI) solutions designed to deliver ultrapure water, including our innovative and advanced membrane-based solutions. With our membrane-based DI technology, we significantly reduce or eliminate the use of chemical regenerants, effectively minimizing chemical waste and its environmental impact. Membrane DI systems also operate at higher recovery rates, conserving source water and showcasing superior energy efficiency. Regardless of the technology chosen, our DI systems, prioritize reliability, affordability, and operational efficacy. From process design to manufacturing, installation, and ongoing maintenance, we offer the complete project package ensuring a seamless experience. Our tailor-made approach also ensures that you receive a DI solution designed to your specifications without compromising on the quality of the product water.

Zero leakage

Reduced hazardous chemicals

Highly selective rejection

Energy efficient

Improved recoveries


How does Deionization (DI) work?

Deionization (DI) is a water treatment technology used to remove ions and impurities from a liquid stream to produce ultra-pure water. This highly specialized technology is successfully applied using membranes or resin exchange systems, or a combination of the two. We design multi-pass membrane or resin exchange systems for most industrial applications.


Membrane based DI has the advantage of reliable mechanical rejection which ensures more comprehensive removal of contaminants whilst negating the need for chemicals and hazardous waste disposal. Resin based systems are highly selective and well-suited for further polishing.

Benefits of Deionization (DI) for water treatment



Contaminant Removal

DI effectively removes ions and impurities from water, including cations (e.g. Ca & Mg) & anions (e.g. Cl and SO₄²-).



DI efficiently produces high purity, low conductivity water suited to laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and electronics industries.



Membrane-based DI is more environmentally friendly than traditional ion exchange due to reduced chemical use and waste production.


Scale Prevention

It helps prevent mineral scale buildup in pipes and equipment, extending their lifespan.


Cost Savings

Membrane based DI reduces the need for chemicals and improves maintenance intervals leading to long term savings.



Can be used with a variety of sources and combined with other treatment methods for a tailored purification approach.

Maintenance and servicing of Deionization systems

The service and maintenance of DI systems vary depending on the technology selected. Traditional resin based systems may require regular chemical top-ups, resin recharging, and resin replacement. Additionally, water quality must be continuously monitored to ensure optimal performance of the resin. 


Membrane based DI systems require less frequent maintenance, but membrane pressures must be monitored along with system performance. Additionally, membrane cleaning cycles and servicing of other plant components may be needed to keep the system running efficiently. 

Cost of installing a Deionization system

DI system costs vary widely depending on the technology chosen, system capacity, water quality required (e.g. Type II Grade), additional features, and site specific requirements. Typically membrane based systems prove higher in CapEx, but lower in OpEx. Reach out to our team so that we can provide you with accurate costing for a technology suited to your requirements, budget, and unique needs.

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