Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a system in which a membrane is used to filter out light weight molecules such as salt and hardness (have a look at the video). This is the designed function of an RO system and any other molecules will foul the membrane. It is of utmost importance to have the adequate prefiltration to ensure the RO system operates as intended.


We specialize in designing RO systems from prefiltration through to remineralization, ensuring that your investment operates as expected. Let us provide you with the plug-and-play system you have been looking for. Follow the steps below to get started or contact us directly if you have specific needs or questions. 

How it works

Step-by-step procedure

Knowing the water quality is essential for the correct operation of a reverse osmosis plant. It allows us to design the needed pre and post filtration for the RO system, determine the required maintenance and calculate potential payback periods. If you are not filtering municipal water we recommend conducting a water test.

Request a water test

If you do not have a water test 

Submit a water test

If you already have a water test

Step 2 - Design and quote

Once we have your water quality details we will design the needed filtration system and provide you with the associated quote. If we need any additional information for your quote we will contact you. 

Step 3 - Ship and install 

Upon acceptance we will assemble your unit. Your completed unit will be shipped to your desired location for installation.

Step 1 - Water test

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