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Water Reclamation For Your Reuse

Companies worldwide are turning to innovative wastewater reclamation to combat water scarcity, cut costs, and diversify their water sources. At Greenchain Group, we leverage advanced technologies to unlock the untapped potential of wastewater. Our solutions help you maximize available water, reduce footprints, and minimize wastewater discharge for a sustainable and cost-effective future.


Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to create and engineer a site-specific water reuse solution that aligns precisely with your unique needs.

Hexagon shapes that imitate water molecules

How we maximize wastewater value

With a first-principals design philosophy, Greenchain Group is your one-stop treatment destination. From initial process design to manufacturing, installation, and ongoing maintenance, we provide holistic solutions tailored to maximize the value of your wastewater. Upgrade any wastewater to the required standard with our range of water reclamation solutions, which incorporate state-of-the-art technologies like Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Ultrafiltration (UF).

Our water reclamation systems incorporate
technologies such as:




Highly efficient, low-pressure membrane filtration technology that stands out for its low fouling potential and high effective rejection of suspended solids and particles, bacteria, and certain viruses from water. Ideally suited to upgrading wastewater for non-potable reuse. 


Membrane Bioreactor

Integrating membrane filtration and biological processes, MBR's effectively break down organic matter in wastewater, yielding purified water. This technology is instrumental for environmentally conscious discharge or the key first step towards successful organic laden wastewater reclamation. 


Reverse Osmosis

The ultimate in contaminant rejection, RO's semi-permeable membranes effectively eliminate 99% of contaminants, including dissolved salts (e.g. Cl- and Na+). With low-pressure to high-pressure applications, RO is the preferred solution for high-purity water production from reclaimed water that has undergone pre-treatment. 


Advanced Oxidation Processes 

Break down persistent and stubborn contaminants with solutions incorporating AOP processes such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and UV-C. These processes generate powerful oxidants or radicals that attack and transform stubborn contaminants, ensuring the production of reclaimed water meets stringent quality standards.

Water Availability:

Supplement your water budget with reuse.


Meet discharge regulations. 


Manage & track water savings

& costs.

Service Agreements:

Reduce downtime & improve equipment longevity.

Sustainable Operations: Achieve your sustainability goals & demonstrate your commitment to the planet.

High quality treated water:

Reduce Water Footprint:

Recycling your wastewater &

reduce your impact.

Incorporate alternative water sources: Safeguard water availability by treating surface water, groundwater, seawater or effluent. 

Risk Management:

Mitigate water related risks & improve financial sustainability.

Cost Savings:

Reduce your energy &

water usage.

High-Quality Water:

Produce high-quality water that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ready to optimize your water treatment processes?

Contact our expert team today for customized solutions that ensure clean and sustainable water for your industrial operations. Book a meeting with a highly qualified engineer to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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