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Medical Solutions For Your Facility

Hexagon shapes that imitate water molecules

Within the tightly regulated global pharmaceutical and medical sector, maintaining rigorous quality control is paramount. Whether in drug manufacturing, healthcare facilities, or laboratories, ensuring water meets precise standards is essential. At Greenchain Group, we not only understand the industry's exacting standards but also tailor our solutions to safeguard your operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate product quality. We recognize that water quality and compliance and key to maximising your investments in the pharmaceutical industry.


As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we specialize in designing and manufacturing innovative water treatment solutions customized to meet the distinctive demands of the sector. Whether you need treatment for surface water, borehole water, brackish water, seawater, or even effluent, our water solutions will consistently adhere to the stringent quality standards vital for the sector.


What we do for your facility

We provide comprehensive water treatment solutions and cutting-edge technologies specifically tailored to the unique needs of the medical sector. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation of your facility, encompassing a detailed analysis of water streams, water usage volumes, wastewater production, relevant compliance standards, and opportunities for process optimization.


This in-depth understanding of your facility and its demands allows our team to select the technology most suited to your operations. Following this, our design team finalize the look and feel of the system, ensuring the seamless integration of our top-quality components at your facility. Our commitment extends beyond the design phase, to overseeing the installation and providing ongoing maintenance for your system, ensuring the maximization of the value derived from your investment

Greenchain Group’s treatment solutions include:





Reverse Osmosis


Ultraviolet Sterilization (CAPS)

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Zero, or minimal, liquid discharge solutions tailored to your wastewater. Responsible water management solutions that align with sustainability goals, address environmental concerns, ensure compliance. 


Ion exchange

Facilitates ion removal/exchange in solutions. Commonly employed for purifying and separating compounds in pharmaceutical formulation and research applications.

Multi-barrier compliant systems that safeguard against water quality fluctuations, contaminants, & unwanted components.

Purpose-built to meet the set requirements & regulations. 

Advanced industrial automation solutions. 

Strategic partnerships: Trusted specialists to tackle all project aspects. 

Skid-based systems or containerized solutions for any site location.

High quality treated water:

Zero Discharge:

Reduce costs & improve sustainability of operations by treating & reusing wastewater.

Comprehensive maintenance & SLA options.

Maintain strict quality control.

Competitive pricing ensuring value for money.

Project management: Dedicated project management teams tracking & updating deadlines.

Ready to optimize your water treatment processes?

Contact our expert team today for customized solutions that ensure clean and sustainable water for your industrial operations. Book a meeting with a highly qualified engineer to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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