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Energy For Your Power

Hexagon shapes that imitate water molecules

Energy & water are intricately connected. On the one hand, energy is needed to treat & distribute water; on the other hand, water is integral to the production & conversion of energy. With the implementation of innovative solutions, we can optimize this water-energy nexus as it continues to evolve & transform.


At Greenchain Group, we make it our business to understand the water and energy nexus within the context of the industry. By providing a suite of technological water treatment solutions, combined with innovative approaches to water management, we are equipped to safeguard your water resources and ensure operational stability. Each project's solution is conceptualized, designed, & engineered from the ground up in our facility. This tailor-made approach ensures that the solution suits your site specific characteristics whilst maintaining affordability, efficiency, & serviceability. 


Together we can find novel ways in which to safeguard your operational stability, optimize your productivity, comply with industry requirements & ultimately maximize profitability of your business. 


What we do for your power

Our Membrane Technology solutions play a pivotal role in boosting efficiency and ensuring operational stability for the energy industry. By effectively eliminating unwanted constituents such as solids, colloidal particles, organics, and minerals, our solutions find versatile applications. 


This includes process cooling water treatment, the maintenance of boiler feed water quality and contamination control, discharge water treatment, alternative fuel filtration, oil-water separation, reticulation, and more. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology, we contribute to the seamless and sustainable operations of the energy sector.

Our multi-barrier treatment plants include
technologies such as




A versatile, low-energy, efficient treatment technique that effectively removes suspended solids, bacteria, and algae falling within the 0.1-10 micrometer range. It significantly improves water quality and is well suited to clarification in combination with lamella technology. 


Reverse Osmosis


Membrane Bioreactors




Advanced Oxidation Processes 

Energy Recovery: Recapture or recover energy from your wastewater streams or optimizations.

Service Optimization: Extend servicing intervals & improve equipment longevity. 

Water-Energy Nexus: Improve the resilience & sustainability by implementing innovative technology. 

Process Water:

Upgrade the quality of your process water. 

Efficiency: Improve profitability by enhancing & optimizing your resource utilization.

High quality treated water:

Discharge & Reticulation: Remove contaminants & pollutants from water streams prior to reuse or discharge.

Maintenance: Comprehensive SLA packages as well as technical support.


Advanced oxidation processes to remove harmful or unwanted constituents. 

Water Availability: Decrease your virgin water requirements & supplement your water budgets.

Compliance: Ensure your incoming & outgoing water streams comply with standards. 

Ready to optimize your water treatment processes?

Contact our expert team today for customized solutions that ensure clean and sustainable water for your industrial operations. Book a meeting with a highly qualified engineer to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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