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Meet Our Exceptional Senior Team

Meet the dedicated professionals driving Greenchain Group's mission to revolutionize water treatment.


Styger Kruger

Managing Director

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Professional Diploma Water Treatment Technology

Styger is a co-founder of Greenchain Group, passionate about water treatment process design and business management. He holds a professional diploma in water treatment technology from IHE Delft and is a member of the CSIR Water Research Council. He is committed to further developing his skills to better serve the company. Styger excels at optimizing system process design.


Calvin Annandale

Technical Director

Bachelor of Engineering Cum Laude (Mechatronic)

Calvin is a co-founder of Greenchain Group, passionate about refining business and control processes. He gears his brilliant mind toward developing best-in-class control and electrical systems. His logical approach to problem-solving puts us at the forefront of technological development and business decisions. Calvin excels in programming top-tier control philosophies.


Clinton Saunders

Operations Director

Masters in Engineering (Mechanical)

Clinton thrives at optimizing internal systems and operations to streamline business practices at Greenchain Group. As a dedicated shareholder, he upholds a strong work ethic, resilience, and team spirit to ensure on-time project delivery with exceptional quality. His unwavering commitment and positive attitude drive continuous learning and teaching. Clinton ensures seamless project execution.


Jean Loock

Project Specialist

PhD Earth Science

Jean is passionate about bridging theory and practical delivery to solve problems. His attention to detail and educational prowess enable him to align project expectations from start to finish. As a valued representative of Greenchain Group, you can expect to see his insights on your LinkedIn feed or meet him at the next water-related conference. Jean is always accessible and ready to take your call.


Wynand Kotze

Senior Site Technician

Wynand is committed to delivering excellent service and top-notch work quality. He thrives on problem-solving, making him an invaluable on-site planner. His patience and eagerness to learn have solidified his integral role in Greenchain Group's daily operations. Wynand is always ready to provide exceptional service and support.


Ryan Williams

Manufacturing Technician

Ryan possesses a keen eye for electrical work and excels at interpreting process drawings. His strong grasp of engineering design equips him to oversee system manufacturing and rigorous testing before delivery. Ryan is dedicated to delivering top-quality water treatment solutions.

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