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Agriculture & Irrigation Solutions For Your Farm

Agriculture is a cornerstone industry that has shaped civilization by providing raw materials. Increased agricultural output & productivity fosters economic growth & development, particularly in emerging economies, & water is the key enabler.

At Greenchain Group, we specialize in developing innovative water treatment solutions for a wide range of water & wastewater sources. Our science & engineering team makes it their business to understand how our solutions can assist you in optimizing your water resources so that you can realize their full potential & maximize your profitability. 

These advanced water treatment systems are locally designed & built in our facility to suit your specific site characteristics. This tailor-made approach not only ensures affordability, but crucially allows us to develop a targeted solution that improves crop & livestock health, crop maturation times, yields, & ultimately profitability.

Our dedicated team is ready to work with you & find new ways in which to accelerate the growth of the agriculture sector across Africa.

Hexagon shapes that imitate water molecules

What we do for your farm

At Greenchain Group, we conceptualize, design,

& engineer water treatment systems that are suited to your site specifications & meet your exact needs.

With our membrane technology removing unwanted constituents you can boost product quality & product output. These systems are ideally suited to a range of Agricultural applications including high-value crops, nurseries, & packing houses. Additionally, advanced filtration can also prevent sickness & malaise in livestock by removing pollutants & microbiological contaminants.  

Our wide range of multi-barrier treatment technologies include: 




Using a porous filter, microfiltration separates fluids by blocking particles and microorganisms, ensuring cleaner liquid.


Reverse Osmosis

Applying high pressure, reverse osmosis forces solvent through a dense membrane, removing even smaller particles and ions effectively.



With finer filtration, nanofiltration removes small particles, bacteria, and some ions for purer liquids.


Membrane Bioreactors 

Integrating filtration and biology, membrane bioreactors treat liquids by breaking down organics while sieving out solids.


Membrane technology enhances agricultural production & resource utilization, boosting your return on investment.


Improve yields, crop health, product quality, & product shelf life. 


Reduce water consumption & resulting energy usage for reduced impact.

Climate change resilience: Mitigate water related

risk & improve financial & environmental sustainability. 


Remove bacteria, viruses, protozoa, & pathogens that cause biofilm, disease & malaise.

High quality treated water:

More water:

Supplement water budgets by treating previously unsuitable waters to the required quality (e.g. wastewater, hard water, or brackish water) 

Precision Farming:

Decrease fertilizer demands by improving mixing, delivery efficiency & uptake.

Service Optimization:

Extend servicing intervals & improve equipment longevity with high-purity water (e.g. fouling or scaling prevention).

Energy recovery:

Reduced pumping power or even wastewater biogas capture. 


Safeguard your products for export & certification. 

Ready to optimize your water treatment processes?

Contact our expert team today for customized solutions that ensure clean and sustainable water for your industrial operations. Book a meeting with a highly qualified engineer to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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