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Membrane Cleaning

Cleaning Reverse Osmosis membranes is more complicated than rinsing them with water or household chemicals, it's a science. We have programmed our cleaning system according to the exact procedure provided by leading chemical manufacturer Genesys.

Membrane fouling is caused by inorganic (iron, manganese, hardness etc.) and/or organic (bacteria, algae, tannin etc.) substances. We ensure textbook chemical cleaning for both types of fouling. 

Book your membranes for a clean today or contact us if you are interested in purchasing your own CIP (clean-in-place) rig; programmed, assembled and ready for installation.


RO membranes before cleaning
RO membranes after cleaning
Clean in place membranes rig
CIP rig

Step 1 - Remove and pack

Remove your membranes from their housings and wrap for shipment. You can wrap the membranes in plastic or place in boxes.

Step 2 - Courier and clean

Once we have received the membranes we will conduct our textbook cleaning cycles and notify you when we are done... easy!

Important details

What's life without some detail

  • We can only clean size 4040 membranes with our rig.

  • Standard membranes take 2-3 business days to clean per set of 4 membranes.

  • The cost per membrane is R500.00 excluding VAT.

  • Shipping can be estimated at R100.00 per membrane from most cities... remember the more you ship the cheaper it gets. 

  • We cannot guarantee effective cleaning and restored flow, as the fouling varies in severity and composition. 

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