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Reverse osmosis systems filter out over 99% of water contaminants which get trapped in the membranes. Only membranes that are well maintained and in good condition can process the water efficiently and produce good quality, clean water. A set cleaning schedule will optimize membrane quality and controls fouling. It is a sustainable alternative to costly replacement.


Greenchain Group can help you with regular maintenance and cleaning of your reverse osmosis membranes. 

How it works

The membrane cleaning procedure requires technical knowledge. Our qualified specialists know when and how to clean and which chemicals to use. These factors are all dependant on what the reverse osmosis membranes are filtering out of your water. We offer RO membrane cleaning at controlled conditions as specified by chemical and membrane manufacturers.


The schedule depends on how much and what type of contaminants the membranes are exposed to; on average a cleaning service is required every 3-6 months. Please click on the links below to contact us if you have any questions or to book your membranes in for cleaning.