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Rainwater filtration Greenchain Group

Rainwater Filtration

Treat your harvested rainwater with our industry-leading rainwater filtration systems designed for residential, commercial, or industrial applications

Reverse Osmosis filtration Greenchain Group

RO / Nano Filtration

Produce pure water for drinking or irrigation by rejecting virtually all ions and particles in the water. Perfect for water shops or bottling

Ultrafiltration Greenchain Group


Filter your water down to 0.01 micron and remove all suspended solids, viruses and bacteria, organic matter and even some colour

Package plants water filtration Greenchain Group

Package Plants

Engineer your Water Treatment Plant into a compact containerized solution for bulk or remote water supply

Borehole water filtration Greenchain Group

Borehole Filtration

Professional and compact groundwater filtration units for wellpoints and boreholes - for any water quality and application

Brackish water filtration Greenchain Group

Brackish Water Filtration

Remove salt and hardness up to 10 000 TDS from your water source and produce pure water safe for all uses

Water colour removal Greenchain Group

Colour Removal

Remove natural organic matter causing colour from your water using UF, resin or flocculation

Water treatment chemicals Greenchain Group

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment chemicals ranging from oxidants, pH correction, membrane cleaners, through to antiscalants

Surface water filtration Greenchain Group

Surface Water Filtration

Utilize your surface water, for rivers or dams, using a complete coagulation and/or ultrafiltration system

Desalination Greenchain Group


Purify high salinity waters up to 60 000 TDS, such as seawater, to pure water safe for all uses

Deionization Greenchain Group


Produce distilled water using our deionization resins for laboratory, mixing or boiler use

Water to home water filtration Greenchain Group

Water-to-Home Controller

Connect your filtration system to your home or building using our unique control system and automate your alternative water system

Select one of our products for more information and to request an obligation free, tailor-made quote. Each water filtration system is designed according to your specific requirements from water pumps to filter components.


Our range of water filtration units includes purification and filtration solutions for many different water sources from rainwater to groundwater, dam water or even sea water. Each water filtration system is supplied with an installation tutorial video for easy DIY installation or our expert team will gladly assist you!

Water Filtration Products

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