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Bottled Water Supplier

Cape Town, South Africa

Meeting Water Purification Demands

One of the most widespread applications for compact Reverse Osmosis (RO) solutions in South Africa, and globally, lies in the commercial resale of municipal water that has undergone advanced purification. In South Africa, a general decline in municipal water quality has resulted in increased demand for safe high purity water amongst private individuals and businesses alike. In other areas, these types of RO systems may be the only practical solution to purifying brackish or saline water sources for potable use.

Understanding Filtration Needs

At Greenchain Group, we understand the unique filtration demands of this sector, and perhaps more importantly, we also understand the regulatory framework that guides the sector and ultimately ensures that the products are safe and compliant with potable standards.

This attention to detail brought us onto the radar of a local water bottling operation that supplies a wide range of commercial clients with bulk containers for their water coolers. The company had an existing RO that was imported along with the bottling line several years back, but the time had come to find a more modern, more efficient, and effective replacement that ensured their product was the best available.

Custom Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Greenchain Group’s ability to design the plant from the ground up to meet the client’s specific requirements, combined with our local backup and strong product support from a range of great local suppliers, was a convincing sell.

Innovative Design Features

Our team manufactured a fully automated, energy-efficient, low-waste solution for the client. Key components included carbon pre-filtration, low-pressure high-quality membranes, variable speed drives for energy efficiency and noise reduction, and, crucially, remineralization of the RO permeate (filtered water). In our recent travels outside of South Africa, we found that remineralization is an often-overlooked component in “pure” water production and marketing; this is an essential compliance step for RO water looking to meet SANBWA and WHO standards.

Commitment to Quality and Affordability

The team at Greenchain Group is excited to continue offering high-quality solutions that remain affordable without compromising on operational efficiencies and water quality. Get in touch with our team and let’s see how we can optimize your water resources in a manner that directly or indirectly benefits your business.

Hexagon shapes that imitate water molecules
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